Top 10 Appraisal Management Companies

Top 10 Appraisal Management Companies


With so many appraisal management companies (AMCs) in operation, you could drown in a sea of promises, guarantees, and jargon. How do you know which one to choose? Luckily for you, they have selected what they feel are the top 10 appraisal management companies by comparing three main characteristics: automated/streamlined system effectiveness, available information and experience, and website usability.

There are a lot of appraisal management companies out there. This can make it incredibly difficult to find the right company for your needs. There are just so many false promises and guarantees out there you might even end up with the wrong company if you are not careful. In this article I have identified the top ten management appraisal companies using a variety of characteristics. This includes the effectiveness of their system, the information they have available and how easy their website is to use.

One of the most easy to use, automated systems available for Appraisal Account Management has been developed by the company ’Collateral Management’. This software is known as Trusted Appraisals. This system is absolutely sublime and allows appraisers to find unlimited leads quickly and easily. With this piece of software you will be churning out reports within forty eight hours, which is going to be fantastic for clients. In addition to this, they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee.

Collateral Appraisal website is packed to the brim with everything that you need to know about the Appraisal Industry. Their staff are available seven days a week which ensures that you will always have the information that you need available. The greatest feature about this particular website is that you can find out a breakdown of costs for Appraisal Services in your area.

Best Appraisal Management is another of the top services. They strive to offer culture, quality, service and technology. They have a fantastic knowledge database at their disposal, and with over 10,000 appraisers on their books, covering every state, they are often one of the go to companies for almost every market.

Appraisal AMC is a company which has been in business since 1998. They have 5,000 qualified appraisers on their books. In addition to this, they also offer services relating to lenders and realtors, which means it is a more rounded company than some of the others.

Appraisal Management Florida has an absolutely stunning learning centre for you to delve into. This includes everything that you could possibly want to know about appraisals. They offer a huge list of the services that they offer, and their prices are pretty competitive as well. Ordering and delivery is available 24/7. This makes them ideal for all types of Appraisal Management.

Residential Appraisers is a one-stop website for appraisal management. They have a lot of information, much of it centred on the Home Valuation Code of Conduct. In addition to this, they provide a helpful number which will allow you to get in touch with them should you have any questions that aren’t covered.

If you want speedy delivery then look no further than the real Estate Appraisal Management Get all orders into them by 4:00pm PST and they will be processed the same day. They don’t use an automated review system, but they do allow you to find a local appraiser. All appraisers are paid within 48 hours.

This is just a brief overview of some of the best companies in Appraisal Management out there. Try some of them out and you won’t go far wrong.

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