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Check supporting documentation that will be attached

If applicable, the following information must be supplied
    Additional Comparables
  • List address and closing date of other comparables
  • Include MLS printout (if available)
  • Must have closed prior to the effective date of this appraisal
  • Listings must be prior to the effective date of this appraisal
  • A maximum of 5 closed and/or active sales can be provided
  • Include the sketch from the previous appraisal if Sq. Ft. is the issue
  • Include photo that indicates a different property configuration
    Previous Appraisal
  • Must be within 12 months of the effective date of current appraisal
  • Recent market data must be supplied (closed sales)

Attach your supporting Documents & Appraisal

Provide a detailed expanation of your request (Only requests that have supporting documentation will be reviewed.)


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